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eSystem Installation Example

eSystem Installation

Step 1 - Find a place for the display

The Display Bracket (Part 5) can be rotated through 360° to give 4 mounting options and can also be flipped to provide 4 further options. The bracket can be secured to any M5/M6 bolt e.g. brake or clutch lever, brake cylinder or fairing mountings, in some cases you might need to trim the supplied bolt. It is possible to bend the bracket to shape, do so before fitting the Display Unit, part 1, to prevent damage to the unit. Alternatively, the sticky fasteners (Part 4) can be used to securely fasten the Display Unit to any flat surface e.g. the fork yokes.



Step 2 - Find a space for the reservoir

The reservoir can be mounted on the frame or under the seat. The more vertical the reservoir is mounted the better. Avoid positioning the reservoir completely horizontally, as this will limit the available range. Remember to avoid exhaust and engine components. For further information, see our easy step installation guide – Reservoir Positions.

Step 3 - Mount dispenser on your rear sprocket

The multiform dispenser block can be manipulated and cut to fit most swing arms. Assemble the dispenser unit as per instructions. Identify the exact location before taking of the adhesive. Match up the adjustment of your chain with the adjustment of the multiform block to allow for forward/backward adjustment in line with your chain adjustments. 

Before taking off the adhesive thoroughly clean the area and then wipe it down with the included IPA Alcohol Wipes to remove any residue. 

Alternatively you can use the micro dispenser plate by itself on any other mounting point on your rear sprocket such as bobbin mounts or toe guards.

The delivery tubing can be routed along the swing arm using self- adhesive cable clips.For further information see our easy step installation guide - Dispenser PositioningThe nib should feed the rear sprocket with the cut face facing outwards.


Step 4 - Connect system to your battery

The eSystem must be wired directly to the battery. Attach the red wire to the +ve terminal and attach the black wire to the -ve terminal.

If you want to learn more about the eSystem Battery Connection and Power Consumption please click here



Step 5 - Fill, prime, and set up your new eSystem

Once fitted, fill the REP and prime the pump. Attach the delivery tubing and prime until the oil reaches the rear sprocket and then install the check valve. Do not install the check valve until the delivery tubing is full.

For further information you can also watch our installation video that shows the setup steps. How to fill and prime my eSystem?

Set the flow rate, using the ’Driving Screen’ on the Display Unit, to 60-70 seconds per drop (s/dp), check the condition of your chain after a ride, and adjust as required.


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