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Traveller Expansion Bag - FAQ and Troubleshooting


Hint: If your Traveller Expansion Bag is fitted higher than the vSystem reservoir, it can create a head of gravity, which can overwrite the closing spring and allow the system to dispense oil, even when the engine is off. The Traveller Expansion Bag should ideally be fitted at the same height as the reservoir or within 20cm up or down from the reservoir.

Q: There is oil leaking out of my Traveller Expansion Bag

  1. Determine if there is a hole in the body or if it’s leaking from between the silicone body and the end caps.
    • If your Traveller is within the 2 year warranty period, contact us for a possible replacement, if it is outside its warranty, you can find a replacement body in our online shop.
    • To prevent this happening again in the future, check your installation to make sure there are no sharp edges or anything else that could have caused the puncture.
  2. If oil is leaking at the threaded connector check the connection sits tight.
    • If the silicon tubing has gone hard it can crack and let oil seep out here. Cut the tubing back by 1cm and reconnect the connector part.

Q: My system is not dispensing any oil

  1. If your Traveller is too far below the reservoir, this can stop any oil siphoning through and effectively stop the system dispensing
    • Move the Traveller higher up to a different location. It should be withing 20cm up or down from the reservoir.
  2. If the Traveller Expansion Bag is empty it will create a vacuum and air-lock the system from draining the rest of the reservoir.
    • Disconnect the Traveller from the main reservoir to utilize the remainder of the main reservoir.


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