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How to fill and prime my vSystem?

The vSystem is easily filled in just a few steps. Just follow our guide below or watch the video

How often you need to refill really depends on the system you are using and the flow rate setting your system is set at. As a rule of thumb you’re looking at somewhere around 800-1200 miles. Using the Magnum HCR (High Capacity Reservoir) or the Traveller Expansion Bag can increase your reservoir capacity further still.

Priming the vSystem is only necessary the first time you install the system or when you "ran the system dry", i.e. when you did not refill the reservoir in time and there is air in the clear delivery tube. Priming pushes the oil all the way through the delivery line and prepares the system for use.

To learn more how to fill or prime the vSystem just scroll down or jump straight to the video


Filling the Reservoir

Always make sure to remove the breather and filler plug. This will open up the filler hole and make filling the reservoir a lot easier. 

Get your bottle of Scottoil and the filler spout ready. Connect the filler spout to the bottle and fill the Scottoil into the reservoir through the filler hole. 


After you filled the reservoir make sure to replace the filler plug, making sure the plug sits tight. 


Priming the Reservoir 

First you need to unplug the breather from the filler plug. Plug the filler plug back into the reservoir and set the flow rate dial to PRIME


Get your bottle of Scottoiler and the filler spout ready. Connect the filler plug to the bottle. 


Now connect the bottle with the filler spout to the filler plug. Make sure the flow dial is set to PRIME. Hold the bottle upright and pressurise the bottle. The pressure will open the valve and force the oil down the delivery tube.

Continue pressurising the bottle until the oil reaches the dispenser on the sprocket and no big air gaps are visible in the delivery line. 



After the delivery line successfully primed remove the filler spout and bottle from the reservoir and reconnect the breather to the filler plug. Make sure you set the flow rate for your vSystem. 


Setting the flow rate

After priming the system you have to set the flow rate of your vSystem again.

Start your bike and allow the engine to warm up. Adjust the flow rate to about 1 drop every 60 seconds. Check the flow rate after a short journey and adjust if necessary. 

You should also control your flow rate at regular intervals to make sure you do not over-saturate your chain with oil. Changes in temperature will affect the viscosity of the oil and the flow rate.     



Video - Filling and Priming a vSystem


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