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How to fit and fill the Traveller Expansion Bag and Instructions

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Traveller Instructions



How to fit and fill the Traveller Expansion Bag


  1. Find a suitable location for the Traveller Expansion Bag that must be no more than 20cm above or below the reservoir.
  2. Route the tubing, cut to correct length and fit the connecting cap onto the tubing.
  3. Fill reservoir to three quarters full (leave some air gap in it)
  4. Connect the Traveller tubing to the reservoir.
  5. Fill the Traveller Expansion Bag and refit cap.
  6. Disconnect the tubing at the reservoir and gently squeeze the Traveller to let some oil flow down the delivery tubing, when it gets close to the end of the tubing refit the tubing to the reservoir.
  7. Your Traveller is ready to use.
  8. You can get air gaps in the tubing from the Traveller to the reservoir, do not worry about this as the air gets trapped as the Traveller empties.
  9. The oil level in the reservoir will stay constant until the Traveller is empty then it will start using the oil in the reservoir.
  10. If the Traveller is empty for a time, you may experience vacuum lock on the system, to get the system flowing again just open the cap on the Traveller Bag to release the air.
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