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Reservoir Positions

Despite the differences between the vacuum operated vSystem and electronically controlled pump based eSystem the reservoir mounting options are the same.

vSystem - RMV

The Scottoiler vSystem is a vacuum operated gravity fed system, the core of which is the Reservoir Metering Valve (RMV).

The RMV should be positioned at least 30cm above the bottom of the rear sprocket in order to give a reasonable gravity head. The RMV can be mounted anywhere between horizontal and vertical, although the more vertical the better. Temperature has a significant effect on oil flow from the RMV so it is critical that you do not fit and forget, with noticeable temperature changes you should check and adjust the flow as required.


Scottoiler oil is 3 times thicker at 1°C than at 15°C and 7 times thicker than at 30°C
Scottoiler Traditional (Blue) oil is for ambient temperatures from 0-30°C
Scottoiler High Temp (Red) oil is for ambient temperatures from 20-40°C

eSystem - REP

The Scottoiler eSystem uses an electro magnetic piston pump to deliver oil at a user determined rate, independent of gravity head and temperature.

The pump is located in the top of the eSystem reservoir which is known as the Reservoir Electronic Pump (REP). The REP can be mounted between horizontal and vertical however, the spigot on the top of the REP must always be inclined upwards.


 The eSystem uses a pump to feed the oil to your chain and sprockets. To protect the pump and achieve the correct flow properties choose the Scottoil Lubricant best suited to your average ambient temperature - Scottoil Standard Blue for average ambient temperatures between 0-30°C and Scottoiler High Temp (Red) oil is for ambient temperatures from 20-40°C


Reservoir Mounting Options

Scottoiler have designed a Reservoir Cage which provides a more sophisticated fitting option for tubular frame members. Using cable ties more discretely to secure the reservoir.

Alternatively the spine of the cage can be drilled allowing the cage to be bolted on using an M5 / M6 screw.









Scottoiler do not recommend orientating the RMV or REP across the bike (transversely) as the oil can spill into and block the breather due to the leaning motion of the bike during cornering. This can result in a no flow scenario due to the system becoming air locked.
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